Dinner as Metaphor

Sweet and sour chicken, here we go. I stir fry it with no breading (I do not like breading), but it is still recognizably the same thing. Mix it with some peppers, onions, and sauce, and we are golden. I don’t have sweet and sour sauce right now, but this pad thai sauce will work in a pinch.

The chicken in the fridge is a bit old. How long ago did I defrost that? I would hate to throw a whole pound of chicken away. I probably should have cooked it sooner, but I had a busy weekend. I forgot to defrost something new before heading to work today, so we will just go with this. Add more sauce and spices, it will cover the taste.

Excellent, all done. The wife thinks it tastes a bit off, but she has always been picky. I’ll eat anything. See, this tastes fine. Okay, that bite was foul, I’ll admit. Maybe I got lucky with the first few pieces of chicken. The awful thing is, it was a big mouthful, and I have no idea which bit of chicken was bad. Now it’s all half-disgusting. Do I spit it out or quickly chew and swallow?

I’ll just start taking smaller bites. If I hit a slightly rancid bit, I can spit that out and try the next one. And these peppers, we just got them from the farmer’s market, these are fresh. Granted, I overcooked them to sautéed instead of stir-fried, so they are flaccid, but they’re still excellent peppers. I can enjoy this food, at least 90% of it is good. And I have a lot of leftovers, so I can make several meals of this.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Dinner as Metaphor”

  1. Better get the +2 Bag of vorpal purging ready….that, or at the very least, a bottle of cherry-flavored Maalox (to increase your CON).

    It’s bad when dinner starts feeling like a grind.

  2. Your wife sounds like a loot whore, caring more about the item drops (food) than about just seeing content and raiding with good people (you). I say /gkick her (divorce), unless she is a priest (hot), those are hard to replace.

    Man this is a fun game.

  3. I was thinking “yeah but would you pay for it”. hmm you think we do?

    I keep watching all these Gordon Ramsey shows and am just amazed at his obsession with quality. Quality is number one with him. Everything else, well if you can’t make money then cut back on the fancy ingredients, cut back on the decorations, but whatever you do end up doing, it has to be of the best quality. Simple food, small menu, but top quality and you will succeed.

    In programming we’re taught about the triangle and how you can’t have high quality, fast time, or low budget all at once. I think to put Ramsey’s philosphy into a software project, he would say to lower the requirements until you can have all 3, then iterate and build up.

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