Media Misuse

A frequent problem we have is folks writing for the wrong medium. We have great stories that make lousy games. We have people who want to write the great American novel and are trying to insert it as NPC text. And so on with lousy movies made from books, lousy novelizations of great or lousy movies, etc. If you are writing for a game, it must contribute to the game, and if that stifles your artistic dreams, you should probably be writing for another medium.

I was reminded of this by the D&D website. They have a video answer of the day. To save you the time of watching it, the answer is “yes, but we’re not going into specifics yet.” For ten words of content, you want text, not a video of someone talking. On a broader note, I have gotten sick of logging into the various parts of that site to find content that might have been useful text a few months back, so please stop using all the fancy web toys someone sold you and just give us information.

Okay, I feel better.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Media Misuse”

  1. I tried playing a D&D game with some friends not too long ago but they seem to have lost the idea that the game was about adventure and were obsessed with high-level characters blowing away baddies. Hack n’ Slash is good now and then but not for the entire game. D&D itself seems to be more and more tilted toward loot whoring and leveling up and less like it’s original incarnation of plot lines, roleplaying and storytelling. It’s expansion books used to be more about backstories and cool things to do and now they’re all filled up with statistics and weak points. The DM the group I played with even started characters at level 10 because he “doesn’t like all that weak goblin stuff”.

  2. I think your comment on the video Ask Wizards is verbatim to what I said to my D&D cohort. The only justification I can see if that they’re trying to let people see the face behind the game.

    As for the content, I too found it a pain to find, so I put together a site that groups it all together, if it helps:

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