Hunter Journal: Page 19

Today I was riding a horse and some weird guys in black robes started chasing me near the Brandywine River. I got away, but during the escape through some trees I got poked square in the eye with a small branch. I have to wear an eye patch for a few weeks now. It’s me shootin’ eye too! I don’t feel like writing anything more in my journal today. Mood: frustrated.


– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “Hunter Journal: Page 19”

  1. If I were you I’d look into some possible legal action regarding this matter. Isn’t it in the purview of Rivendell to keep the Brandywine safe and the forest grounds clean and free of dangerous clutter? Elrond has really been slacking off in the park management department of late, especially since this whole elves leaving Middle Earth thing began…

  2. Hmm on second thought I think it would be better to take this up with the Shire Public Parks Council, the Brandywine being a bit far from Elrond’s domain…

  3. Those darn black riders! Once one got mud all over my singing’ outfit. The good thing though is the lasses get scared and need a strong hobbit to comfort them!

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