Jack Emmert on City of Heroes

“The people who remain, you can’t get rid of them… it’s absolutely impossible to do it because they’re so used to the pain and agony of the gameplay that they love it.”

Someone who was there, was this (1) played straight; (2) a humorously exaggerated line being unfairly taken out of context; (3) a fake humorously exaggerated line intended as a shot at what is now the competition. The Onion explains that last one.

: Zubon

Quote from Gamasutra, with a hat tip to Broken Toys.

4 thoughts on “Jack Emmert on City of Heroes”

  1. Probably played straight, as the gameplay is absolutely a terrible grind, especially for new players now. The game certainly shows its age and we do need a new SuperHero game done RIGHT for once instead of having them cancelled all the time. CoH has garnered the market for far too long and is not that great of a game.

  2. Speaking as someone who’s been subscribed for coming up on four years, I’d agree. It’s not that it’s a great superhero game, but it’s fun in the first 20-30 levels, as new powers come in quickly and new challenges, meager though they may be, show up. And that’s enough for now. But it’s the only game in town for superhero MMO fans, and since there hasn’t been a new Freedom Force in 3? 4? years, it’s pretty much the only non-branded superhero game at all. A truly great superhero game could blow CoX out of the water, particularly if they don’t have the player characters being second-fiddles to the NPCs, like CoX does. I just don’t know if Cryptic’s up to actually making that game.

  3. Sounds like sour grapes. If gameplay was so horrible (which I don’t believe it is personally) then why in his many years didn’t Jack oversee positive changes? Further logic would assert the fact that fundamental gameplay between CoH and CoV is identical although CoH had been around nearly 3 years longer.

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