January’s Searches


I have deliberately waited a month to see if not having one of these as a recent post reduces the amount of WoW porn searches reaching us. If so, February’s searches will have fewer tentacles. And if not, oh well. We’ll find out next time! But first, what dirty dirty things led you to Kill Ten Rats in the first month of the year?

WoW porn searches: 91 searches with 445 hits

  • lightsaber-wielding lesbian mermaid slave: 156
  • cybercat atitd: 110
  • New friends: Copernicus and PotBS, both in the top ten for the month, with a variety of other searches throughout the month. Granted, Copernicus does not vaguely exist yet, but we had a post on it. Hear that, developers? A game that far from alpha is more popular than you!
  • teclisen? Oh yeah. I had forgotten all about that.
  • recent searches: 16. Dangerous recursion is setting in.
  • Several people were looking for the lolcat Prufrock
  • eyes burning: 2
  • how much do band-aids cost?: 2
  • i love comments: 2
  • michelle zubon: 2. I seem to be older than her.
  • potbs sucks: 2. I note this one because I recommended it as a way of finding decent reviews. Since we do not trust the commercial game reviewers, my quick way of finding balanced commentary is to search for “[game] sucks.” Then there will be hatred and bashing from all corners, and I might get a balanced picture, with some poor sane soul trying to sort it out on that thread.
  • we are 18: 2. Nay, we are seven!
  • “sugar makes people happy”: 1
  • a bong is a terrible thing to waste: 1
  • a computer that can play wow: 1. That’s right, only one person found it. The rest of you are setting sub-part performance. Upgrade!
  • a list of all band-aids: 1
  • all egg cooking games: 1. Looking for all games involving egg-cooking, or games in which you cook only eggs?
  • are corruptors better than blasters: 1. They have lower numbers for everything, but they can get Fulcrum Shift or Enervating Field. But FS is at level 38, and most people seem to drop out by then. Their inherent power used to be way better, but now Blasters’ Defiance wins.
  • best way to get watchman badge coh: 1. After a LGTF completes, go to the broadcast zone. Get in a big team. Get everyone to group up for the spawns. Sentry is an easy badge, but you’ll probably need two to four invasions to get the others, unless it hits Talos during prime time.
  • blizzard they kill me: 1. Interesting.
  • blizzards that have happened: 1. I am more curious about internet pages on blizzards that have not happened. That must be some weird stuff.
  • can you do lady gray?: 1
  • cheap ninja tools: 1
  • cooking games for people who like cooking: 1. Again, as opposed to…
  • cov corruptor forge self: 1. You can’t.
  • does beer kill rats: 1
  • does cheese kill rats: 1
  • I’m considering counting the The Lord of the Rings Onlineâ„¢: Shadows of Angmarâ„¢ porn searches. We get a lot.
  • feinding definition: 1
  • fluff the game: 1. Not the player?
  • free lifetime city of villains account: 1. Let me know if you find that.
  • fury tentacle porn: 1. Was that a typo of “furry,” or does it relate to the game that no one plays?
  • gallente breasts: 1
  • games where you can kill people in there sleep: 1
  • how to say i have cheese in my pants in spanish: 1
  • kill my little pony game: 1
  • mages are squishy and don’t react well to swords: 1
  • pantless wii: 1
  • recommended slotting for fulcrum shift: 1. With SOs, 2 Acc/3 Rchg works for me.
  • Maybe I should be counting Sword of the New World porn searches, too.
  • the fluffy bunny wants to know if he still got it: 1

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  1. wow, and I completely forgot to make any cybercat atitd searches last month!

  2. What the hell kind of world do we live in that Topless Wii isn’t good enough for you people? Jeez.

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