Seven Points Awarded to Moorgard

There are days I wish I was slightly higher on the schizophrenic scale, because I feel I could be a much more prolific blogger if I was simply bat-shit crazy.

It helps. Another variation is to argue for and against the same things in the space of a week, which can lead to some rather odd sets of comments. Not that I have done that much this month…

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Seven Points Awarded to Moorgard”

  1. There’s something of the ‘Standing on a hilltop during a storm, swearing at the gods’ about this post that I can’t help but admire…

  2. Sometimes you just gotta look at something and say “WTF srsly?!?!”

    Thank you for the points, though I wish you could pay me in heroic badges instead.

  3. Wow, why is someone that obviously insane allowed to walk around free? I’m not even talking about her opinions on RMT economies and the like, because she has some fair (altho I think ultimately misguided) points in there, but just her whole persona: combative, unpleasant, dismissive, and insulting. It’s like someone gave Ann Coulter a Second Life account and a tinfoil hat and just let her run with it.

  4. She is one of the few internet trolls I actually feel sorry for because she’s so obviously mentally ill. I just do what you do with those people in real life: speed up a little as you walk by and hope they don’t talk to you. Sometimes taunting them is unfair since they are playing with only half the cards.

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