Fellowship Improvements

The Lord of the Rings Online Book 13 patch will be improving the LFG and quest log UIs, which I already felt was some of the best out there. Currently, when grouping it is easy to see what quests your other group members have. No need to ask what quests everyone has, just look at the quest UI and you can see an icon for each member with the quest.

In Book 13, they will be adding several new features and it looks impressive. Here are some of the highlights:

  • More prominent filtering options for your list of quests lets you look at just solo quests or just fellowship quests or just the quests you share with your fellowship members.
  • We expanded shared quest status beyond just showing who has the same quest – we tell you where each member of your fellowship stands relative to you for each quest.
  • You can see who among your fellows is behind, or ahead, or even done with the overall quest chain-easily find out who needs to get caught up so that you can tackle that instance or group challenge together.
  • You can see when your fellowship members are ready to turn in a quest-much easier than spamming fellowship chat asking if everyone is done collecting 10/10 boar stomachs!
  • Sharing a quest can now share earlier quests in the chain-if you’ve done a couple of quests in an epic book and your friends haven’t started, you can share the quest you are on and they will get the first quest in the chain!
  • No more blind fellowship invites-when you’re invited, you see the name, level, class, and location of everyone in the fellowship.
  • “Find A Fellowship” button comes in. It’s a new button on the Quest Log that works a little like the “Add to Tracker” button. You can mark one quest for Find A Fellowship. That automatically opens the Fellowing tab of the Social Panel and fills out all the relevant information. You’ll see a list of players who also want to work on that quest (and those players can now find you, too).
  • To top it all off, they are adding “Mustering Horns” at campsites across Middle-earth. These allow you to summon the distant members of the group to the campsite. Very nice, Book 13 is looking to be another excellent addition to an already satisfying (at least for this explorer) game.

    – Ethic

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