Issue 12 Quality of Life Improvements

Yes, the upcoming issue (now in open beta) includes a new zone and task force, villain epic archetypes, and power set proliferation. But have you seen the quality of life changes? The patch notes for just that section run 1,421 words, with more in the full notes. They include saving local settings (for importing to your next alt), saving notes and ratings for other players, more power trays and interface options, revamped chat and hide systems, linkable item and power names (like most new games have), more combat attribute window options, in-depth power information, a new contact user interface, and a list of smaller changes like map notification of zonewide events. I want to note this one, for lovers of real numbers:

In-Depth Power Information
Detailed Power Information is now available at Power Selection, Level up, Respec, and Enhancement placing screen as well as a new tab in the info window. This information shows the powers basic data along with every effect the power has.

  • There is a slider to see the effect of the power across all levels.
  • There is a class selector to see how the power would perform for each class.
  • There is a PvP toggle to see how powers will change in PvP.
  • Powers that spawn pets will show all powers the pets use and their effects.

: Zubon