Age of Conan Launched

According to Funcom, the collector’s edition of Age of Conan has sold out completely and 700,000 regular boxes have been shipped to retail store shelves worldwide.

Since there is a Best Buy store next door, please talk amongst yourselves while I run over and get a status check.

I’m back! They had 19 copies on the shelf in the normal video game area – second shelf from the bottom. They also had a special table set up with another 15 copies. Interestingly, there was also 4 copies of the collector’s edition available to purchase on that table. I guess they aren’t all sold out after all.

Looks like a pretty good presentation for Funcom, but will they sell? Time will tell.

– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “Age of Conan Launched”

  1. It has already been noted that these were the “preorder” boxes…i.e: Yes…these are the “sold” copies…

    As to whether there are “CE” versions left…these could have been returns…and returns were to be expected…
    Can’t please everyone…right?

  2. There would be no “returns” at day one when the store opens. Also, it does not say all 700,000 are preorders in the press release. Why are they on the store shelves instead of saved in back for preorder customers? Here is a quote: “This impressive figure for a PC game is powered by equally impressive pre-order numbers.” Note they don’t actually give the number of preorders, but it is certainly less than 700,000 which is the total shipped.

    They do say this in the press release regarding the CE: “Lucky customers may still find some copies on retail shelves.” so I guess that explains that even though this comment: “Funcom is proud to announce that the Collector’s Edition of Age of Conan is now completely sold out in all markets.” seems to contradict the other quote.

    Best Buy did not hold any copies for preorders. Anyone can purchase a copy, preorder or not. They are not “sold” in any way shape or form until someone comes in and buys it.

    Regardless, it looks to be an impressive launch as I have not seen a display set up like that for any previous MMO, including WoW’s expansion which sold, what, 2.4 million copies on the first day.

    P.S. I will play AoC sooner or later. It’s a matter of when, not if.

  3. Yeah it’s pretty standard, “sold out” means pre-orders and store-orders taken and no longer shipping to stores.

    You’ll probably still have a chance to get a collector’s edition if you find a store that over-ordered or had people not pick up their pre-orders (which according to my local EB is pretty common for any game).

  4. It’s kinda weird…maybe it’s because I’ve grown tired of the OOC chat so I toggled it off for half the day, but today felt really mellow compared to early access release. Interesting, considering today was the official everyone can play it day.

  5. There’s one thing that we can all agree on no matter what happens to this game.

    It looks really, REALLY good. Textures, animations, models… so much effort.

    Is it worth it though? I always figure that there are only 5 or so moments where you stop for a moment and say, “wow, that is a sweet looking animation”. After you get into the routine of combat and advancement, it depends 100% of the mechanics, and I tend to completely ignore how things look.

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