An Issue for Issues

My favorite bugs for this patch are not officially “known issues,” although this one is a humdinger: “Using the /option_toggle command will cause a client crash.”

  • Pets now ignore targets under the effect of knockback. My favorite villain character has pets who knockback their enemies. Crap.
  • The final encounter of the new task force is currently somewhat easier than intended because you can snipe 3/4 of it to death without getting any aggro.
  • One of the quality of life improvements was giving you more options on your chat channels. Now global chat channels change color every time you zone.
  • Another lets you re-organize your characters on the log-in screen, handy when you have up to 36 characters. If you do so, it does not save, and instead re-re-orders them every time you log on. My character list consistently starts with a blank slot that it encourages me to buy.
  • Ironically, every time you zone you get the message “Invalid Command ClearSpam.”
  • The hero arc to unlock the Midnighter’s Club makes a neat use of the crafting system by having you create a cure for The Lost. It requires five pieces of salvage, which you receive for completing the story arc missions. If you complete them on a team, only one person gets the salvage, although everyone gets the “Mission complete!” Meaning that you have now finished the one source for that salvage without, you know, getting that salvage.

There are probably more. Personally, I might have waited until after the first bug-fixing patch to re-activate all accounts for the weekend to let people try this. But that’s not my call.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “An Issue for Issues”

  1. Ummm, maybe mention what GAME you’re talking about?

    I know you tagged it, but come on.

  2. Published by Zubon on 24 May 2008 in City of Heroes/Villains

    Also, there is that link to the City of Heroes web site. Also also, what other game calls its update “issues”?

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