Biased Samples

I have been hearing people in [game X] say that [game Y] isn’t very good, or at least isn’t as much fun as [game X]. Well yeah, these are the people who left Y for X, or tried Y and came back. If you only ask the people who are playing X whether X is better than Y, you should get a lots of yeses. If you went to Y and asked about X, you would hear the same thing in reverse. Only those guys in game Y are just a bunch of biased jerks who don’t like X, your game. You would expect that from a bunch of fanboys.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Biased Samples”

  1. It doesn’t discount the opinions though.

    Obviously if player Z thinks game X is better, they’re likely to play it.

    Fanboi is a term abused in this case, it’s supposed to apply to those who unreasonably claim game X or brandname Y superiority over all other pursuits. The logic presented here does not appear unreasonable to me and I’m a fanboi for well applied logic. =P

  2. I dunno about that. I much prefer CoH/V to WoW, but I’ve never found the sort of community in Paragon City as I have in Azeroth, so one keeps me and the other doesn’t. I’m desperately trying to play Age of Conan right now, but their graphic engine is worse than Vanguard’s.

  3. Sounds like someone’s been reading the forums.

    And I believe in this context, the term is “fanbois”

    It’s the politically correct version.

  4. If the OOC chat in Age of Conan had a groin to kick, I’d be all over that.

  5. Prepare to compare is my motto

    As long as these games copycat…we will continue to see “oh this game sucks because” posts everywhere

    I actually resemble your post as I am an avid LOTRO hater (and most of Google knows that…hehe)
    And I will compare the game constantly for one reason…it is such a clone of every game before it…and lore in a tiny font quest box for reading does not make me feel immersion or that anything is unique in LOTRO…

    Now AoC on the other hand…(oops…see…almost got me started)

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