I See You

My Uruk Blackarrow hit rank 5 last week and got his stealth detection ability. My own stealth is -4, but I can see through 14. Well-equipped Burglars using Hide in Plain Sight still escape me, but I can see through Camouflage and Hobbit Stealth even if I forget to turn on my buff.

I put it to use Monday night. It was awesome. My teammates do not share my line of sight, but the Burglar becomes much more visible once I set him on fire. They are so cute, creeping along in the stealth animation, not realizing that they are about to be shot in the face. The most satisfying was the one trying to sneak away after we wiped the rest of the freep raid. All night long on voice chat:

“Burglar creeping up on the right side.”
and fifteen people dogpile on him.

: Zubon

Now if only I could actually kill Burglars without the fifteen friends. Just wait until I hit rank 7!

6 thoughts on “I See You”

  1. I love my BA. Probably the funniest is catching someone thinking they are hidden trying to map out of a keep that has just been taken.

  2. I love monster play – especially the community voice servers that people have set up.

    Which server? Elendilimir?

  3. The most fun I’ve ever had in City of Heroes: take my Super Reflexes Scrapper to Bloody Bay. Run Focused Senses to boost my Perception to unheard-of levels. Pretend to go AFK. Bind “target nearest enemy” and “use Cobra Strike with a Magnitude 4 Stun” to the same macro.

    It’s like shooting Stalkers in a barrel.

  4. This does sound like fun. Though I’ll admit that when I hear about PvMP, I have this image in my head of Alterac Valley, which I liked fine early on, but is a little played out these days.

    Rumors of a DotA-styled BG for WoW in WotLK. That could not suck.

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