Spore Trogdor

I have no idea how much money the makers of Spore are getting from selling the creature creator separately for $10, versus the effort to package that, but it seems like a good notion to me. City of Heroes should consider the same; they made a stand-alone costume creator for City of Hero in South Korea, so just add an instance or two and you’re set.

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  1. If you buy the Spore Creature Creator, you get a $10 voucher for Spore itself, so the overall revenue per customer will be the same. However, the free advertising will probably generate interest and thus more customers.

  2. In 90% of the shops, including the EA store, you don’t get vouchers or refunds to use when the real game is released when you buy the Creature Creator.

    I think they are making some money there

  3. Yeah I’ve always thought character creation apps were pretty damn cool. Earth & Beyond had one too. I never understood why NCSoft never supported the City of Heroes one outside of Korea.

    Adding a small single player zone to run around in, it doesn’t even need mobs, just an opportunity to see the characters in motion. Animation is such a big key these days, regardless of game type. Screenshots don’t give justice to Spore, Assassin’s Creed, or Age of Conan.

    Age of Conan in particular could sell some extra games this way too, plus give customers an honest chance to see if their PC can render the characters nicely.

    Not to mention, look at all the free promotion Spore is getting via Youtube.

  4. As a die-hard Sims franchise fan, I’m also a HUGE fan of Will Wright. I sincerely hope that Spore does him proud. Especially, after that abomination EA released as The Sims Online! I’m not personally attracted to the game and I have concerns about the types of creatures players will make. We all know that humans can be freaky in their tastes – in fact, down right scary. I avoid MySpace because I dont wanna know what lurks in the hearts of the people who’ve created some of the things I’ve seen on there. I will be avoiding Spore for the same reason. :-)

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