The Secret Life of Trolls

I have gotten used to the fact that humanoid enemies can drop certain things like crafting resources and recipes. Sure, goblins carry gems that they mine, that makes sense. But why is this troll carrying around a recipe for Superb Dwarf-Make Radiant Shoes? Does he long to retire from the military life and take up cobbling? Was he drawn to the fine penmanship in the instructions? Foot fetishist? Do shoes scale well from dwarf-sized to troll-sized? Does he have a troll-friend who makes pretty elvish dresses?

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of mobs?

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Trolls”

  1. why did gollum have the ring? playing a lotr game you should understand that there can be a story to anything, moreso than what meets the eye.

  2. Wait what… they explain why Gollum has the ring…

    And you should know by now Zubon, in MMO land, all gear magically scales to your size, so of course that troll could wear those shoes. Too bad you killed him and crushed his dream of becoming a craftsman.

  3. Having almost finished taking a character to the end of the crafting grind, on the easiest crafting profession for that, let me just say: he is better off. And I like crafting.

  4. At least in Diablo and Diablo 2 there was no pretending about where the loot came from. It dropped right out of the sky!

  5. Yea reaching the master level (is that what it’s called?) in LoTRO is a huge pain. Getting the normal level to max is generally doable as part of the normal leveling process, but the master levels are brutal.

    That said, I think half my Kinship has multiple maxed out crafters, so clearly the system works for some, just not me.

  6. I knew you were a killer you just want to PK all the crafters don’t you? Poor troll, he was playing the wrong game. Someone should have told him to play ATITD. Cybercat should have told him, he let the troll down!

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