Warhammer Guild Beta

The Warhammer Online Guild Beta starts in July. This means release is getting closer and closer.

Guild Leaders – prepare your recruits for WAR!

It has been one year since the first call for guilds to join the battle was answered and now the moment will soon be upon us. Mighty guilds, long lying in wait, have raised up their banners to make ready and the drums of war resound within their great halls. Legions of fierce warriors form their ranks, and will soon mount their attacks on WAR’s vast battlefields. They stand on the precipice in anticipation, ready to vie for honor and glory in the name of their Realm.

Now is the time for the best of the best to band together as one and clash against their enemies. Starting in July, these guilds and thousands of players will compete for domination in the great arena of the Age of Reckoning.

Like a fine wine, our Closed Beta and all that it encompasses has only improved with time. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our talented development team and the invaluable feedback of thousands of testers, the game is looking great and stands poised, ready to play host to a legion of guilds and their members.

The guilds we’ve selected have touched most every MMO released, and several hail from the frontlines of popular First Person Shooters. These testers cover every play style under the sun, and truly embody the social diversity we will welcome and encourage at launch. These guilds, and many more like them, will be the foundation of a great community that we look forward to serving for years to come.

– Ethic

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  1. You know what’s most exciting about this?

    The fact that they’ve stated on several occasions that Guild Beta would only come when they feel the game is polished and complete enough to impress the guilds.

    It’s a solid indicator of a September launch at this rate.

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