Diablo III Announced

I’ve already played Diablo III. It was called Diablo II.

– Ethic

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16 thoughts on “Diablo III Announced”

  1. And still a ton of people will buy it. Your point is what, exactly? :P

  2. I thought the exact same when i saw the gameplaay video today. Of course the graphics a new, but Titan Quest looks just as good. Maybe they will have some nice mechanics, the zombies creeping up from below was a nice effect, but how long will these ‘innovations’ last and keep you going? I just hope they leave the Battle Net as it is and do not start to charge a monthly fee.

  3. I’m not going to say Diablo III will sell horribly, but I think we all should of learned a long time ago that there is no sure bets in this market. Blizzard puts a lot of money into their games and that means the bar for failure is a lot higher and disaster is quite possible.

  4. You just don’t understand, man, the new awesome artform that is the modern kill-hordes-of-monsters-by-holding-down-the-left-mouse-button game. You’re outdated, a fossil, an old fart who just can’t grasp the nuances of the genre – like, the Witch Doctor won’t even need corpses to summon (like the Necromancer in D2) which is totally radical and is going to revolutionize gameplay! There’s no way you’d understand that because you’re like, over 20. I bet the games you grew up with didn’t even make use of PhysX accelerators!!!

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