Too Soon?

We are approaching the end of the first presidency since the invention of lolcats. The idea struck us: why don’t we write a visual history of the administration in lolcat? Maybe start with a cat dangling from something “hai im chad”; segue into a picture of Justice Scalia with “u can has presidency.” “Invisible WMD” on a map of Iraq seems obvious. Then the problem arose: is there any tasteful way to make a 9/11 lolcat? “Oh noes” just doesn’t seem to cover it.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Too Soon?”

  1. “”Oh noes” just doesn’t seem to cover it.”

    I’d still LMAO!

  2. “is there any tasteful way to make a 9/11 lolcat?”

    Probably lots of them. They don’t have to be just funny.

    Mourning cat with bowed head and paws over eyes? Firefighter cat? No good ideas for the quotes though.

  3. I know I’m answering a question seriously that was only intended to be, say, half so serious. But:

    You just put up an appropriate 9/11 image, leave it unlabeled, and move on.

  4. Shop a grinning Dubya onto a picture of the burning towers. Caption: “I can haz war now?”

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