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I am beginning to see the appeal. It would be nice to run instances and raids where the majority of the people knew what they were doing. I would like to do anything without needing to explain it, rather than its always being someone’s first time. I would like everyone to have voice chat on, and for those with voice chat on, I would like them to be using it; I see six people with voice chat enabled, but only two can hear me; and as a side note, if everyone except you can hear me, the problem is probably on your end. I would like to spend less than thirty minutes waiting on people. I would like there to be no wipes on the way there. I would like people to be familiar with the game mechanics.

While I’m at it, I would like a pony.

: Zubon

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  1. Yeah. My last guild dissolved while I was having finals and I haven’t found the morale yet to try to find people who are A) casual enough that I can have a life and B) nevertheless, not retarded.

  2. @NBarnes that’s the catch 22 of a “endgame” raiding guild is that they need to do it regularly to be good but you don’t alwyas feel like it regularly. I personally don’t feel like it more than once every two months or so since its such a huge time commitment of my Saturday. Can burn an entire Saturday gettign through the rift.

    I don’t see why 5(smaller, doesn’t have to be 5) man dungeons can have as hard of bosses and be cool and have equivalent loot and just shorter. This isn’t a design limitation. Its an imagination limitation on the part of the designers. If being with more people is fun, make some dungeons of equivalent difficulty to the good ol’ five mans, or CD where the whole dungeon is decently difficult but only the end boss is near impossible (We still beat him after 4 tries) Whatever, but plz don’t give me a WoW style (now Lotro also unfortunately) raiding dungeon where I have to give up 2 hours on each boss including.

    And I want a pony too.. or at least a puppy. Why can’t I have a puppy?

  3. I heard World Peace called and wants it’s dreamer back!!!

    Don’t ask for much do ya? hehe

    I think that’s why I love Boss Searches and missions in Guild Wars. Max party of 8 is it, but hey, if you don’t have 8, add some Heroes or Henchman…Heck you can even solo for more challenge, just taking all AI based henchmen.
    And most will last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. So lets say that one player has to leave after an hour, head back into town, replace him with a henchman without hours of “LFG…” in chat.
    But, you can do that also…

    Getting my drift here? NO LIMITATIONS. Awesome.

    Hmm…when is Guild Wars 2 again?

  4. You get a pony at 25. ;)

    My kin in LOTRO (Ethic is in it too, I haven’t logged in in awhile not sure if I’ve been kicked for inactivity) has pretty decent players, almost all in their 30s, no real screwups when we’d group. And we’d take champion tanks and captain healers into CD and the Rift and still perform though everyone says “you can’t do that!” but it’s fun. (we only used champs for offtanks in the Rift though). I have no idea what’s going on lately though. They are an awesome bunch of people.

    We only did the Rift once a week though which is a challenge as Thallian says.

  5. It’s so hard to strike that guild balance between having fun and being serious / competent enough to get stuff done.

    When you find a group that can do that, you never leave them.

    Really, looking for a good guild is like looking for a relationship. Gah.

  6. The great thing about LOTRO (right now at least) is that there are only two end-game raids. One is Helegrod, a 24-man instance, and for that I agree, good luck getting a competent group. But then again, Helegrod is more of a “do you have the numbers” test than it is a strategy test. The rift on the other hand is only a 12-man raid, yet it requires a lot of strategy. I assume that this is where you had your problems, but there is no reason that you have to join a Hardcore 1337 Guild to succeed in the place. Last night I PuG’d the rift from Zurm (Boss 2) through thrang (boss 7 or something). Yes we wiped once or twice, yes it took longer than an experienced raid, and no we will not have the same players returning next week to build on what we learned. However, i did win quite a few upgrades and it was mightily fun. That said, if you are TRULY against Pug’s of this sort and you are kinda scared by the “dedication” of the hardcore guilds, i will return to my orginal point. With only 1 practical raid in the game, EVERY lvl 50 guild is on the rift. There is no tier 2 dungeon for the experienced guilds to move on to. Thus, there is little reason for experienced players to abandon their inexperienced guilds in favor of the next higher guild. Players will stick with their friends and you know what, at first it sucks. My kin started in the rift in March and only now can we run it through to Thrang with little trouble, but we make our progress a little bit at a time and with no hard feelings at the end of the day

  7. oh and @Thallian. That wish for better 6-man dungeons was exactly mine until i discovered Annuminas. It was the perfect thing for me. There are 3 instances there which are very short, fun, and require strategy. The Palace, ost elendil, is supposed to be the hardest. However, the hard part is getting the strategy / group composition (captain helps). Once you nail that, you can run the place in about 35 minutes. The gardens is supposed to be the easiest, and it is, while still being quite fun. It runs a bit longer and generally takes just over an hour to complete. I havent toyed with the sewers yet, but i hear it takes a bit longer, and it used to be the hardest, but was since nerfed with book 14. I strongly encourage you to give the place a visit. If nothing else, you can do the repeatable quests in each instance and get 8 battered armour per run which is exchangeable for Master Crafting Recipes or teal armour. GOOD DEAL!

  8. Better yet, a Glinghant quest awards a Roast of Heroes. That sells for a lot, since that quest is one of two places in the game to award that food. A title requires eating three of those, so there is some Auction House demand.

  9. I never got to try the other ost elindil dungeons, I’ve done the first one a few times, but to get to the palace you had to have one or two camps open, and the couple times I went morons would deliberately train mobs onto the rangers to lose the camp just to grief players. So I gave up after that happened twice.

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