Feign Death as PvP Crowd Control

Each race in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ has a panic button, of varying quality. Humans get the best, with a full heal. Dwarves get massive resistance, elves get “parry everything,” and hobbits get feign death. Minstrels also get a feign death ability, which is helpful when the group is wiping.

In PvE, feign death is sometimes useful. As long as you are not in the enemies’ aggro range, you will be safe when you stand up. It works nicely when you run through a crowd while trying to get somewhere difficult. As a Hunter, it can help when I pull too much aggro and need to let the tank get it back.

In PvMP, feign death is a fabulous distraction. People will stand there and wait for you to get back up. We got this Minstrel down to 200 hit points, now we just need to wait the 30 seconds for him to become available as a target. If we leave, we know that he will stand up and run around a corner. So three or four creeps will target the feigned corpse and wait. (Freeps do the same thing to spiders in Trap Door Sanctuary. He has 60 seconds. If the creep raid leaves, we may skip pursuing just to camp and trap that one spot.) We are getting that kill.

I want to take a Hobbit Minstrel into PvMP sometime just to mess with this. Start going down: Hobbit Silence. Tab through the enemies to make sure they are still on you. Stand up and immediately feign death. Tab tab, wait. Stand up and use one of the feign death scrolls from Forochel. Ha! Yes, I will be out of the fight for more than a minute, but so will four or more enemies, and they can be shot during that time. It’s like a channeled AE mez.

: Zubon

One thought on “Feign Death as PvP Crowd Control”

  1. Lol, that surely can’t last. If players know you’re faking, why shouldn’t they be able to attack you? Enforced waiting due to something so silly seems like bad game design.

    That said, what you described is hilarious.

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