Book 14.1

New patch notes

I note that the Summer Festival is being fixed. The Summer Festival ended Monday. So if you already bought the music boxes, you can now find out what they sound like. If you already bought the festival horse, you get the updated graphics (so we hope you like that more). If you already completed the Inn League quests, you get the reputation bonus. And if not, better luck next year!

On a more positive note, assuming the bug fixes work, those are good things. It will be nice not to have Helchgam break every day. The Weavers’ day will come.

: Zubon

Update! I can now get through the door requiring Friend reputation with the Inn League. There is a decorative room behind it where NPCs have lines about how great drinking and smoking are. The taxidermist/barter vendors were removed, so the only NPC to interact with is a barmaid that sells booze on the cheap. So if you need to get drunk quickly and cheaply, and don’t have access to a keg housing decoration, there you go.

Update 2! The Summer Festival is back for a week, in case you want things now that they work. Announcement.