Is There Any Way to Find a Human from EA Mythic?

Update: problem just about circumvented, thanks Cyndre. I’m still getting “There was an error processing your request,” but at least it is not rejecting the code as invalid. [and, accepted, patching] If you make getting tech support difficult enough, players will find someone else to deal with the problem: a successful business model.

I seem to have a bad open beta access code. The other code on the card, for the head start and in-game items, works, but that does me no good right now. The Warhammer site apparently has no useful contact information, forums, etc., unless it is carefully hidden so that people with problems just find a forum to pester. There is a contact link: it asks you what in-game problems you are having with Dark Age of Camelot.

I know they’re busy and all, but “I paid for a code that doesn’t work, what can I do?” is not on the FAQ list. Right now, my Warhammer first impressions are that the game has an insurmountable log-in bug with no support or help button. I am open to the notion that there is some other problem in the process that I am up against, but given the lack of documentation or explanation, I am stuck.

: Zubon

There is a feedback form where you can send a question. It has a 10,000 word “Terms and Conditions” you must accept to ask a question. Once I’m done reading all that, I might be able to use the form. I guess use the “Customer Service Questions” link?

So how much staff do you have on-site for a Sunday launch?

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  1. When you go to account management (, does it list “Open Beta”? [Zubon responds: no.] If so, then everything is fine. Mythic has stated that the Open Beta won’t be starting right at midnight, but sometime during the day. [Zubon responds: and the announcement is up now.] Ostensibly, this is so that they don’t end up having to fix problems at 3am, but can do so during the day after everyone is fully rested.

    So, if you’re trying to login and it’s not working, that is normal (for now).

    How do I know this? The forums at Seems that the devs like to post over there.

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