Is Yahtzee Happy?

I know that I complain a lot about the games I play. Complaining is kind of what we do here in the blogosphere. And then there is Yahtzee. Yahtzee is the popular video blogger who likes Portal, Psychonauts, Guitar Hero, and cursing whilst wearing a hat. That seems to be all the joy that he receives from gaming. When he does give praise, it usually comes in the form of, “I like this part of the game; if only it were not wrapped in in the flaming, feces-covered corpses of a thousand dead puppies who all had their eyes gouged out by the falling horns of unicorns that were decapitated by evil monkey pirates, who were in turn raped to death by the even more evil developers of this festeringly putrid game.”

Only it sounds better in his accent.

: Zubon

Kind of hard to argue with the webcomics comment. It has pretty much been like that since hitting First and Ten.

6 thoughts on “Is Yahtzee Happy?”

  1. Who gives a flying fuck about Yahtzee? Sheesh, the internet gets more F-list celebs every day. All this guy knows how to do is write 83 word run-on sentences.

  2. Yes, but Yahtzee is using an old comic’s tool: the grump. He’s like the online techy version of Don Rickles. And I <3 Don Rickles.

  3. I agree with Rog. It’s an act. People want that, and it wouldn’t be as funny, IMHO, if he didn’t say some stuff was “okay”… but I am glad he rips off bandaids for the devs because most issues he tackles are repeating ones from game to game.

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