Harvest Festival

a little dark in here It is back. Do not forget to harvest your mushrooms (although the reward is not that stellar). Because this is Turbine, there are masks. Those are actually the character’s eyes peeking through the holes, not just something painted on the texture, one of those details that shows off the graphics but is almost invisible in practice. The pub crawl is back too, if you want to work on your Inn League reputation.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Harvest Festival”

  1. I love the masks, but I seriously need extra storage space for them. Guild Wars has a hat vendor that will re-sell your unlocked festival hats. Maybe Turbine can either copy that, or sell me a bigger house chest for 5 gold or something…

  2. Lotro needs a keypouch and costume storage. Bag space is so much of a premium. Mines, whenever it launches (still no official date, right?), will hopefully give people more bag space. That was annoying at some stages, especially with non-bankable quest items.

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