Altdorf Needs Ninjasurance

Looks like Altdorf is falling in multiple servers; even after the postern door fiasco.  On Averheim it took some good coordination, but Altdorf fell within five hours of the campaign starting.  My guild, Xen of Onslaught, started the assault with the alliance at 7:00 AM Eastern time in the hopes of a sleepy Order.  Mythic keeps making it sound like this is a truly epic endeavor, but I am not so sure Mythic has hit the mark.  Sure, the King encounter may be the pinnacle, but that’s not RvR… it’s a raid boss.  I have seen what great PvP players have done to “epic” bosses.  I heard in alliance chat that Mark Jacobs has nodded at the Averheim-Destruction victory, but I have not found the post.  I am looking forward to see if the Sunday morning-type assault on the enemy, while Order is clearly at church, is working-as-intended.

EDIT: Here (3rd down) is the Mark Jacob’s post.

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  1. I just checked Averheim’s Altdorf. It is open and at 4 stars. If you sacked it, you forgot to, you know, capture it. Here is that thread you want, in which someone says they failed to capture it fully.

    The previous “Altdorf has fallen” claims did not hold up either. But if you have a screenshot of a dead Emperor, I am open to revising my thoughts.

  2. 7+ hours…so what happens if you say participate for 6.9 hours…but have ot log off just before the last phase…do you get no credit for what you did because you are now offline?

  3. oh noes! it is getting worth with the new guy.. he is on my server and on the same side as I. NOooOOoOoOOOooOO


  4. So, you purposely start in the early hours of the morning to avoid a player defense, and then complain that it’s not an epic RvR encounter?


  5. That’s the problem, though, Graktar. Part of PvP should be strategy- essentially making the best of the situation to optimize your chances of winning. Unfortunately, when the game developer leaves things wide open, sometimes these strategies also make… well, boring “PvP.”

    If Ninja-stuff strategies WORK, are easier, but aren’t fun, many people will still resort to it because… well, THEY WORK. People are stubborn that way- look at farm/grind groups that choose boredom over fun for max reward. It’s up to the developer- particularly in PvP to make sure that the most winning strategies are also the most likely to foster healthy competitive gameplay or deal with the consequences.

  6. Heya Torbald. We do have a number of super power levelers within our alliance. But contrary to your above statement, most of us level a “main” as quickly as possible for the sole purposes of end game rvr attack and defense. Once we have our mains set the majority of us do play alts casually through the storyline. Me not being among the power levelers myself I have always moved through the pq/quest progression only doing scenarios to keep my rr within 3 levels of my player level. I am now starting to group with the alts of our lvl 40’s allot as they have smoked me and caught up again with other toons hehe.
    We did not have much resistance, because the order proved to be far more apathetic than expected. That did not make us happy as it was hoped to trigger some truely epic rvr that would maybe wake it up on our realm. Many of us have fond memories of daoc (pre atlantis) battles and we hope this game will start having more of them.

    p.s. No one is going to be able to truely “sack” altdorf or IC for months. The hero of the bright wizard academy alone was nuking our best equipped tank for 4k. It is going to take waaaaay better gear and allot more 40’s to even put a dent in them.

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