4 thoughts on “How Does This Even Happen?”

  1. You broke the game bud, but seriously, I’ve had that screen before and it can get confusing not to mention /rage inducing. And why does it always say ‘logging in…’ twice? Now we’re logging into the game three times?

  2. The authentication servers have been having sporadic trouble – without knowing exactly how it works I bet its trying to log you in, not getting a response and defaulting the blame to you. Or something.

  3. The message was changed late last night to “The authentication server is currently u” or something ridiculous (yeah, it gets chopped off at the end there). Still frustrating regardless.

  4. that usually happens to me when i go afk for a bit and it logs me out. The password is no longer cached so when it tries to auto login again, the password is incorrect because it isnt passing it on to the authentication server.


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