Don’t like non-consensual PvP where max-level characters can kill you and all the NPCs you need with near impunity? Then why did you roll on a PvE server? noob

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Whiners”

  1. You mean why “didn’t” you?

    I think Zubon is so mad he can’t see or type straight today! I do love the rants though…release your anger…

  2. I’m guessing “did” is intended. As in the zombie attacks in WoW messing with PvE questing. But I’ve been wrong before. Once.

  3. Yeah… I’m pretty sure it’s just as intended. I doubt Zubon would make a whole post where the point was something as idiotic as “ROLL PVE LOL!1!”. Scary that some would assume it is a mistake on his part though.

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