Positive Can Be Funny

Have you seen Zero Punctuation for this week? I think it would have been even better without the GTA4 negativity — the Saints Row 2 positivity was great. Plan for the day: mayhem, destruction, violence, whimsy. Yes, that sounds like what many of us are here for.

Happy day in City of Villains: going into a Mayhem Mission with a Fire/Fire Brute. Nothing says “flaming maniac” quite like having boxes explode because you walked by them. I need to level that character someday so I can do the same to cars.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Positive Can Be Funny”

  1. He had to mention GTA at some point, given that how similar their gameplay is to each other. Plus, he’s highlighting the points that SR2 improved upon GTA4 (in his opinion, of course). And, honestly, the problems he mentioned are the reasons why I play GTA2 more than 4. I’m all for realism, but not when it takes away from the game’s main appeal (black humor and carnage).

  2. That’s why I gave up my news parody site. It was too hard to be fun and positive, too often I’d end up sarcastic, and didn’t want to do the angry comic routine. My best posts were the ones where I made fun of myself and my own beliefs.

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