Quotes of the Week

“We just really wanted to shatter the cupcake-pizza dichotomy. It’s just existed for too long.”

Asa Wilder, on the origin of the “cupzza.” Hat tip to The Blog of Diminishing Returns via Marginal Revolution.

Marginal Revolution also links to the second place:

“If reports are true and Barack Obama is really going to tap widely respected CBO Director Peter Orszag to head up the Office of Management and Budget … then I believe that would make him the highest-ranking blogger in the history of the United States of America.”

The Onion AV Club has a strong competitor with this plot summary:

Up-and-coming pickle-factory executive Mr. Tamura is sweating out a deal to package kimchi for a South Korean company when he gets some terrible news: his girlfriend has been murdered, and he’s the prime suspect. For Tamura, who’s obsessed with fitting in, this accusation is disastrous. Still, he does have a tendency to fly into blind rages. Also, he’s a giant koala.

: Zubon

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