9 thoughts on “Dead Game Walking?”

  1. Ooooo uh oh. I was once “hired” by a game company that promised to pay us in half a year. Needless to say I quickly left and filed my resume abroad. However I am just amazed that companies do survive off of goodwill and hope so frequently. Hope that you make it big runs many startups at the beginning.

  2. I hope not, but I am not really surprised. I like Stargate, but the idea of it as a MMO just never seemed right.

  3. I have to agree with Werit. Stargate doesn’t really work as a MASSIVELY Multiplayer Online game, but if you drop that first “M”, you might have something.

    It would be an interesting experiment in charging for updated missions in what would otherwise be a FPS, but I don’t see it ever working as a traditional MMO.

  4. Eh, 22 days is just one biweekly paycheck. It’s not even a monthly paycheck. It’s not a good sign that someone took the time to make a website for this, but neither is it a full blown apocalypse.

  5. It’s also worth noting that Christmas is coming up. Perhaps the staff were paid early on the understanding that they wouldn’t get a paycheck while the company was closed for Xmas. I know that my company sometimes does that, depending on when pay day falls throughout that period.

  6. Whoever registered the days-since-cheyenne-mountain-employees-have-been-paid.com domain has decided to use whoisguard to prevent their name being public. Bah.

  7. The web site http://www.days-since-cheyenne-mountain-employees-have-been-paid.com
    was created by the same individual or individuals that created the following sites as they all use the same AdSense code (UA-98817-10) or at least did at the time of this posting. This was tracked through AdsSpy.com


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