CME Kids Holiday Donation Drive

Like a good (wannabe) blogger, I try and follow the major MMO news sites, and I usually watch Ten Ton Hammer pretty closely.  It seems, though, that I completely missed a donation drive they are doing.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, as of this post, according to this website, has not paid their employees in 28 days.  They are the developer of the upcoming MMO based on the Stargate IP.  Ten Ton Hammer got in touch with a few working parents at the company, and the staff are doing their best to help these parents put a few presents under the tree for their kids.  It’s only $5, and you can donate here.  On top of that, if Cheyenne Mountain can figure out a way to pay their employees before Christmas, all the donations will go to the Ronald McDonald House, an excellent children’s charity.

The drive ends December 15. Now back to our cynical, yet constructive, regular programming.