Warhammer 1.1

Mythic is dropping a pretty significant update to Warhammer Online today.  There is nothing truly exciting, but everything in the update is good.  Things are going in the right direction.

The biggest change, I believe, are the beginnings of a better funneling system to get people to play the game for what it was made for: open RvR.  The main change is the addition of a Influence system, where players are guaranteed some loot in the same manner as the PvE Chapter’s Public Quests Influence system.  This and correct open RvR contribution rolls should give the beginnings of an open RvR system that feels rewarding for the time played in comparison to Scenarios and grinding PvE.  I also am very happy that they have made defending open RvR objectives more rewarding (down with WAR-oboros).

I still think they need to work on getting solo or buddy groups into open RvR land with things to do.  But, Mythic states that this is just the beginningagain.  Seriously though, I am happy with the direction Mythic is going.

The deserter hiding out in the middle of a battlefield.

3 thoughts on “Warhammer 1.1”

  1. Not one thing for the Witch hunter….that class is broken.

    Was thinking about reupping but not now.

  2. I would guess more class balancing is coming in 1.1(b). They probably want to see how the two new classes handle in Live on the upper tiers across the board, and also the other changes. Gut feeling more than anything. The fact it is called 1.1(a) seems to mean that there is unfinished business… rather than moving on to 1.11, etc.

  3. LOL @ WH being broken…. I play one, and top damage in scens 90% of the time. No one can compete, and I’ve won by 80k damage before… maybe the class isn’t broken, and you are?

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