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You spend all that time on the forums, and occasionally some lucky person gets red/blue name attention. It seems so much like one-way communication, with the occasional community manager contribution. Some games have some developers who comment on some topics, but often the hot issues are avoided or left for an official statement.

In the Kingdom of Loathing, developer Mr. Skullhead responded to some board feedback on the holiday event:

[player], and those who share the sentiment below, **** you. **** each and every one of you. **** you sleeping, **** you waking up, **** you standing, **** you lying down. **** the horse you rode in on, the groom that brushed its mane, and the blacksmith that made its shoes. **** your mother, your father, any siblings, and any other living members of your family tree. **** you.

This is a family blog, so I have edited out some of the 34 F-bombs, but I think we can approve of his candor. If you pursue the link, he responded to specific criticisms as well:

Low drop rates? Favoring farmers? **** you. …
Presents are suboptimal? **** YOU. …
No outfit in the pressies? **** you. …
No wrapping paper? **** you. …
The worst of all of this, the one that really pisses me off, is the whole “you guys were too lazy to write content so you stacked the deck so you wouldn’t have to do any interesting writing.” If you seriously believe that and you’re not just trolling, I invite you to get some mayo, mustard, and maybe a dollop of sour cream, and eat my **** ***.

I need to donate to that game again. I can criticize only the implied connection between graph-making and virginity, although I favor tables to graphs.

: Zubon

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5 thoughts on “Developer Feedback”

  1. I bet there have been countless times where game developers everywhere would have just loved to go on the same tirade. Heck, I’m not a game developer and whenever I read some threads or posts that just whine and cry and scream and rage, I feel like smacking the poster on behalf of the devs. :)

  2. This is becoming a yearly tradition at KoL — we write elaborate Christmas content, then a certain subset of players bitch about it being ‘suboptimal’ or unbalanced or poorly-thought out, or whatever, and then Skully goes off on them, on the forums. Lest anyone be horribly offended that he’d treat our players this way, I should point out that he was playing it up for laughs this year, as he comments later on in the thread. Skully loves *all* our players, even the ugly and dumb ones. Sometimes he loves them to a degree that I frankly find inappropriate, and even a little disgusting, but I won’t say any more as he has seniority over me and I don’t want to go in the eel pit.

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