300,000 Is a Good Number

Mark Jacobs may not think the game is doing well, but that is a very respectable success. I hope that WoW has permanently expanded the industry to allow more games to exist with those kinds of subscriber numbers. If 100,000 becomes the mark of a “niche game,” then MMOs will have hit the big time.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “300,000 Is a Good Number”

  1. Where’d that 300,000 number come from? That’s honestly much higher than the unsubstantiated vibe I get (while agreeing that anything over 100k… hell anything that turns a profit is a successful MMO).

  2. I don’t care how much subs a given game has. Just let me see the spread sheets and ROI reports. Those mean something.
    300K is a respectable number but not if you need 3000K in the first two years to become profitable.

    I hope WO is profitable, i’m planning to start playing in the near future…

  3. 300,000 IS a good number. I imagine EA wanted a better one though :P We’ll have to see how much staying power it has though. I wish it the best.

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