PR and Other BS

Promoting less than maximally accurate beliefs is an act of sabotage. Don’t do it to anyone unless you’d also slash their tires. – Black Belt Bayesian

If you are willing to lie to me about something trivial and easy to verify, like a video game, why would I trust you with my credit card information?

: Zubon

Hat tip: Eliezer Yudkowsky

4 thoughts on “PR and Other BS”

  1. This blog has become worthless. Why should people keep coming back for these one-sentence entries? Twitter might suit you better.

  2. Good job Zubon, all these short posts are now costing you KTR subscribers. Won’t be long before the massive revenue stream here shrings and you guys go the way of Auto Assault. The latest posts have been a total slap in the face of all your true fans, and my entire guild just voted to quit.

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