I’m running Volume One, Book Ten on my Minstrel. You know when is a really lousy time to add small group content? Immediately after a forced solo instance. You know where is a really lousy place to add small group content? On three different points around Lake Evendim, for which there is no faster means of travel than swimming across a freaking lake.

Bringing your players together through shared adversity annoyance?

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Annoyance”

  1. My minstrel is completed with all Volume 2 quests, but still is on Volume one, book 8, part 5, because no one ever wants to go back to CD if possible.

    I’m somewhat glad, as I remember how much I hated book 10, and don’t want to repeat it.

  2. This is a seriously legit and chronic problem to LotRO’s volume 1.

    I’m surprised you have trouble getting a group to CD stuff though, Oz. It’s pretty darmn popular with our kin, I know.

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