My First Story Arc

I made a simple story for my first Mission Architect story arc (#91818), “Not the Destined One.” I would be glad to hear any feedback you might have. It is a villainous arc, but you can run it as a hero. Not terribly difficult, light humor.

: Zubon

19 thoughts on “My First Story Arc”

  1. You finished it then. I liked the Headshot character. I take it he was one of your toons?

    “I am meant to be the one laughing here! Please? Buddy? Hug?”

    Love it.

    The mission is well written and quiet funny. Was hoping for some more custom enemies though :(

    Gave it five stars anyway ;)

  2. Headshot is not one of mine. I forget my original intention for a down-on-his-luck villain, but he seemed to fit the bill. Given more space and reader patience, I would have mixed in more intimations of his self-aggrandizement before realizing that the Rogue Isles have bigger players (like the PCs).

  3. I was quite amused by this one. I honestly didn’t see the twist coming at the end, but I can’t say I was surprised by it either. Afterwards I had the thought “Why didn’t I see that coming? He was talking like a typical office politicians and I should have known better..” The humor was solid, and some lines were really classic, the whole setup worked well.
    All I can think of that was even mildly negative was the use of (apparently) the front or any setting for the collection object location in mission 2. Finding the goal in the second room was a bit anti-climactic with the “hate the CoT” stuff in the send off and popup texts.

  4. It randomized to the second room? It does that sometimes. It lacks fine control, and I did not try to force it as far back as possible. Now the Arachnos one, that is supposed to be near the entrance. Because Headshot is too useless to find something right inside the door.

  5. Awesome, I’ll check it out. I’m having fun making missions as well. I do wish there was more fine grained control over where you could place collection objects. In one of my missions, you have to destroy computers, but they show up in hallways and stairways and all sorts of weird areas where people do not normally stick their super important, top-secret research computers.

  6. More humour in CoX is always a good thing. I think there’s a lot of potential for fun within the setting, but I guess the devs don’t want to keep things more serious.

    It would be good to hear your thoughts on the Architect System, too, Zubon. What I’ve seen on the official site looks interesting, but hearing from someone who has actually had a play is always better.

  7. I see what you mean.. “Any” is fairly unpredictable. I’ve been trying to use “Mid” for things I don’t want to be found too soon, but I don’t want to force someone to dig all that deeply for, which also leaves it almost too random for my taste (it’s that whole “Map-Crazed DM” component to my personality I suppose).

  8. Ethic, it should automatically sidekick you up to the minimum, and the groups involved should not have too many nasty powers. I think you are fine to try Artifact content at any level.

    I have a partial re-build for lower levels, but the mission bosses are a problem. Many of the groups cannot use the same bosses for their whole level range. The Circle of Thorns, for example, re-names them every 10-15 levels, and the only Family boss available across the board was their Quantum. So I must set some level range for it each time. The entire Family enemy set I used was the 45-54 rather than the 1-40, because the whole faction starts over there.

    I might want to make lower-level story arcs, but I don’t know how popular that would be.

  9. You can select a random boss from the enemy selection to show up, Zubon. That’s how I did things to smooth out the rough edges in some level ranges. Like Council, their bosses go on all sorts of weird level progressions. Tsoo also.

    Unless you have a name tied to a specific boss model, random’s the way to go.

  10. I can pick random if I don’t name the end boss? When I set a random boss before, it told me I was out of the level range.

  11. I don’t know, it told me I’d play as level 13 against level 45. Maybe it changes when I enter the mission proper?

  12. You can pick the boss name if it’s random too. Not sure about “out of level range” unless you’re using a special boss from a group that’s normally out of mission range, like one of the Chief Soldiers that shows up at 25 for some reason. “Random” fires the group’s “random boss spawner”, which generally only creates it in the conventional range.

    What I was saying about naming the end boss is more like naming your Outcast boss “Flamey O’Hotman” when the random option has an equal chance of spitting out a Lead Freezer.

  13. I ran the first mission, was fun until One-Thumbed Charlie beat the snot out of me. He threw everything at me, including what looked like the kitchen sink. Pretty cool.

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