(My)Last Word on Free Realms Launch

While I hadn’t planned to post more on the subject, I was contacted earlier today by SOE in regards to my post. We talked through the elements I raised like rational people and I came out of it feeling like they are going to launch with eyes on the road. While I still hold that it’s too early to launch the product yet, and I won’t be signing myself or my kids up for it to start with, I was happy to spend some time talking through the plan rather than simply being told “You’re crazy, get over it.” I sincerely wish them goodwill on their launch.

Also, since I’m taking the most heat over one element, let me be completely clear – the price right now, at release, is $4 for 10 cards for their TCG, which was the element of the game I enjoyed the most (which is likely why the high cost I saw mentioned in several places bothered me the most).

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6 thoughts on “(My)Last Word on Free Realms Launch”

  1. It was a quoted price on the Beta boards. There was a very heated debate about it as well.

  2. Huh. There was quite a few complaints about the 10 cards for $4 price point as people were complaining that the retail booster packs was a better value as it came with 50 points in station cash, whereas the virtual boosters would not. You’d think that they would instead be very pleased indeed that the price wasn’t going to be 4 cards for $10. When the beta boards come back up later today, I will check out your claim.

  3. There is only one thread discussing the price of the booster packs and it is titled, “Four dollars for 10 cards? Stop playing!”

    There is not a single post or topic that mentions a price of $10 for 3 (or 4) cards.

  4. That thread is one of the ones I had read, but you can’t just skim titles and think you have the whole picture.

    In any case, the launch price is $4 for 10, which is all that matters.

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