12 zones by Christmas

What’s the future of Lotro?  We now know that Lotro will have some kind of “continuation of the epic story line” for book 8 in June, and later in the year we should see Dol Guldor, a level cap-increase, and a paid expansion.  The expansion is rumored to be “Riders of Rohan” for several reasons, but mainly because ridersofrohan.com redirects to lotro.com.  But when it comes down to it, saying we’ll get something including Rohan is about as vague as telling a player that we currently have some place that includes Angmar.  There’s no reason to think that an expansion called “Riders of Rohan” could only include Rohan.


I’m expecting some zones to come in free chapter updates, but for the most part I’m expecting the world to be expanded as part of an expansion.  The Moria expansion alone is reportedly 35% as large as all the other areas put together in terms of land-mass. The next expansion has been in development since before Moria launched, which means the same philosophy that planned Moria’s 12 zones was also used to plan a similar number of zones for the Rhovanion expansion.


What zones am I expecting with this expansion?  Well lets look at the map of Rhovanion:

They only label zones they will add...
They only label zones they will add...



The folks at Turbine don’t want to have to bother making a map twice.  If they are planning to add an area that will be visible on the Rhovanion map, then they are going to label it and put a little graphic under the label.  The Gladden Fields for example has little flowers under it.  That means we’re getting Gladden Fields.  The Wilderland is clearly marked on the map.  And although I think that would make a boring area, we must be getting it as a zone because they made sure to make it so clearly.  By contrast, Isengard is not even mentioned on the map.  As cool an area as Isengard might make, I doubt we’ll ever see it.  Perhaps allowing us to attack Isengard before the fellowship arrived would be too lore-breaking.


So here’s my prediction for 12 zones we’ll see by the end of the year: 

  1. Dul Guldor (Free update)
  2. Fangorn North
  3. Fangorn South
  4. The Brown Lands
  5. Emyn Muil
  6. Rohan East
  7. Rohan West
  8. Rohan South
  9. Dagorlad
  10. Wilderland
  11. The Wold
  12.  Gladden Fields (Free update)


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10 thoughts on “12 zones by Christmas”

  1. Yeah I was going to say it as well. Of all the areas in all the games, none have been more appropriately named than “The Brown Lands”.

  2. Have Turbine recently said that the next expansion will be coming out this year? I remember back when MoM was in beta that we were speculating when the next one would be out and people were saying that Turbine had pushed back their ‘yearly expansion’ promise to closer to 18+ months.

    Still, I can’t wait for RoR. I’ve been wanting that since the game first released. I do think we’ll be getting areas like Gladden, Mirkwood, and Dol Guldur first though. We may even get them before the Fellowship leave Lorien. It would be a little repetitive after Rivendell, but I can kinda see it working.

    (Also, check out the Middle Earth Map. It has Eriador, Rhovanion, Rohan, Gondor, and a couple of others labelled. It’s a fair bet that each one of those will be a paid expansion.)

  3. They didn’t say an expansion… yet. They did say the level cap would be raised by the end of the year though. Kind of telling.

  4. Kewl, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an expansion then. That will certainly make birthday present buying easier for my girlfriend :p

  5. I would be very surprised if we didn’t see Isengard at all, though it’s certainly possible that it will be limited to an instanced event rather than put into the world as an area players can mosey up to anytime. For that matter, perhaps you’ll have to participate in the siege as part of the book quests (who says you need to arrive before The Fellowship, when The Fellowship is traveling with an army) to unlock the ability to zone into the “present” day (after the breaking of Saruman’s staff) zone, with orcs and whatnot to mop up.

    I do think that Isengard would be added as a Book patch after he launch of Rohan, rather than in the expansion launch.

  6. “For that matter, perhaps you’ll have to participate in the siege as part of the book quests (who says you need to arrive before The Fellowship, when The Fellowship is traveling with an army)”

    Or maybe you arrive later and spend 2 levels picking up flotsam and jetsam.

    I keed, I keeeeed…

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