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There are very few LOTRO podcasts.  When a LOTRO podcast pops up, the question isn’t, “Should I listen to this podcast instead of others?” but rather “Should I bother listening at all?”  It’s not worth my time to tune into a podcast to hear about how someone “Hit level X last night” or about how “So and so on blanky blank server is a noob.”


So does LotroCast live up to the critical test of being worth listening to?  Yes, it does.

Episode 3 of LotroCast includes a developer interview.  The interview was well done with good questions.  Sean of LotroCast must have magic powers, because a lot of tid-bits of information were released which normally would be reserved for a well prepared press release.  LotroCast’s episodes on PVP and Lore-Masters also show-cased experts of those arenas who had thoughtful insights.


LotroCast is relatively new, however, and Sean makes some common rookie mistakes.  Among these mistakes is the talk of server events.  A podcast which is (at it’s most often) twice per month, is not going to be anyone’s source for time-sensitive information.  Hearing people complain that Freeps are overpowered in PVP is still interesting even after Book 7 has changed everything.  Hearing about some player-run event that happened weeks ago on a server I don’t play, is not.


Sean also has more to learn about audio-quality.  His plays distracting Bree music in the background when it’s not necessary, and there are occasional glitches in the recording of his guests.  That being said, the audio quality is above the average new podcast.  Sean’s major talent with LotroCast seems to be his ability to get experts on the show and asking them the right questions.


Overall LotroCast is worth checking out for anyone who spends a lot of time thinking about Lotro.  I plan on listening to yesterday’s episode (episode 7) the next time I’m grinding out some deeds.


EDIT: I probably should include a link….

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting this, Suzina. I’ve been looking (half-heartedly) for a LotRO podcast for a while now.

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