Advice for future Champions Online players:

The name you choose for your forum name is what becomes your @name. Do not use your account name for that would be stupid. A friend of mine did that and now he has to wait for them to change it for me. I mean for him. Right.

– Ethic

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  1. NCSoft is requiring your account password to NOT begin with a number. I’m trying not to think about what that implies about the security and reliability of their backend account systems.

  2. I can’t stand NCSoft’s account system… especially when they felt the need to hijack ArenaNet’s decent account system and put it into NCSoft’s amalgamated pile.

  3. I’m not fond of @names. Maybe I don’t understand it, but it means that for any character I make, people can find me via my @name? What if, once in awhile, I don’t want to be found?

    1. Or create another account.

      Most of the time, isn’t the ability to be found easily greater than the ability to hide?

      Hiding can always be achieved regardless if you put your mind to it. I couldn’t count the amount of times when alts have been inconvenient due to the default nature of them being hidden until added to friend’s lists. It’s like moving, where every alt you have to forward your address to a whole bunch of people.

  4. I actually found a sort of loophole in the closed beta of Champions Online. It is yet to be seen if this will carry over into retail.

    In closed beta, you used to be able to search for characters on their preview website. So lets say you met a character in the game named Clown Man whose @name was @RubberNose. If you searched his character, you could actually see that, listed as the creator, wasn’t RubberNose but some other name. This other name was actually their login username. Apparently they were listing login usernames as the creator of characters, rather than their display name.

    I don’t believe the non-preview site allows searching for character profiles…hopefully if they add this feature again, they don’t leave that same loophole in.

    Oddly enough, when I pointed this out on the forums, some people were acting like it was no big deal. I don’t care whether or not giving out your username will do little actual harm, it is not proper business to hand out usernames nor is anyone’s business knowing any part of my account information.

    I also think Cryptic could make it a little more apparent what the Display Name is used for. They don’t make it clear that this name is used in-game every time you speak. When I registered, it was just a box that said “Display Name” with no information about it given. I assumed it was just for forum usage but found out when I logged into the game that it was used in-game as well. I could easily see some people who don’t visit forums keeping them the same and being shocked when they get in-game.

    Also, don’t leave that box blank. Last I heard, doing that will automatically use your username as your display name. I hope like hell they implement some system that requires the two to be different. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do that in the first place.

  5. Hiding usernames isn’t all that much security, because inevitably they cannot be locked down, encrypted, etc. as passwords are.

    Usernames are still shown in the clear as you type, they’re still the initial finding of the door before the key when it comes to internal systems and they’re referenced (hopefully via some session management, but given most MMO protocols it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re referenced directly) back to the client.

    It’s more of an extra level of obscurity.

    The main thing you benefit is if someone with a gripe is specifically targeting you, finding your username adds a little more difficulty.

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