Send Valve to Hell

“You know why they call Australia the place down under? Because it’s the closest you can get to hell without getting burned.”  –Christian Shepherd, LOST

Is it any wonder that Valve Software is one of PC gamers’ favorite developers.  Sure they develop good games and even better ad campaigns, but when it comes player interaction, they win the internets.  Joe W-A lives in Brisbane, Australia.  He mods Valve games.  And he got mad as a cut snake when Valve flew out some fans to preview Left 4 Dead 2.  He did what any gamer would do and emailed them asking why he wasn’t also flown out to Valve’s HQ to show off his modded content, like a campaign for L4D.  Gabe Newell responded he was boycotting the campaign, but Joe W-A could fly Gabe and Erik [Johnson] out to Australia.

The obvious answer.  Start a fundraising campaign to fly the two Valve heavyweights to Australia.  The money will go towards the plane tickets, be returned (if possible), or sent to Child’s Play.  Even other Valve employees want to see Gabe and Erik out of the office for a while.  The internet is for fun.

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3 thoughts on “Send Valve to Hell”

  1. Wow. How big does your ego have to be to think you (the CEO of a very successful company) are worth donating money to fly you across the planet? How out of touch with reality does a person have to be to donate money to flying said ego across the planet instead of a worthwhile cause? The mario marathon guys tried change the perception of gamers. Looks like it didn’t apply to MMO gamers.

    1. Totsie.
      $3,121.27 USD just got donated to Child’s play because Newell decided to pay for his own ticket when he found out the money was raised.
      You sort of lose.

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