Worgen Hides

NPC Worgen are skinnable in WoW. Will this apply to PC Worgen in Cataclysm? And if so, is this something only PvP Horde players will get to enjoy, or can the Worgen’s teammates get a bonus before that rez? Maybe a little something extra for him on his corpse run? I wonder how self-farmable that would be.

: Zubon

12 thoughts on “Worgen Hides”

  1. I’ve always thought a witchcraft profession that uses materials like the eyes, tails, fingers, ears and blood of your victims would be neat. It would make for great PvP loot and awkward role-play for the RP’ers

  2. You can scavenge players in WAR and butcher dead animals. Oddly you can skin NPC humans in DF for eyes, bone, blood, but can’t skin players, despite the fact that both leave the same tombstone.

  3. Throughout Kalimdor & Azeroth you’ll run across the occasional Centaur-skin rug, and yet players cannot skin any Centaur they slay. Maybe we need bigger skinning knives.

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