Bye Bye Bad PvP

Regina at ArenaNet released news that Guild Wars Team Arenas and Hero Battles will be removed this week.  If you want a bit of crappy nostalgia or some quick, ill-gained rewards from the much despised “red resigns” way to play Hero Battles better do it quick.  I say good riddance and bring on the awesome of sealed deck.  At the beginning of the month, ArenaNet said that sealed deck has all of its basic functionality in place but it needs to go through bug fixing/QA and polish.  Hopefully we get a dev diary on the much anticipated feature soon.

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5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bad PvP”

  1. YESS!!!
    Thank you su much for directing me to the right pages. Without blogs like this I would need hours to skim through all the information about games. But now Zubon, Ravious & Co. do it for me! xD

    1. I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not. Too pessimistic am I. But, I do agree that ArenaNet puts information way too much all over the place. The wiki, the forums, Twitter, sometimes Facebook… it’s tiring to say the least.

  2. A wiki as a news site! Nice touch.

    Anyone know why Team Arenas were dumped as well? Personally never liked the Hero Battles myself, but enjoyed winning in Random Arenas and getting promoted into Team Arenas.

  3. Ravious, you are so right. Using the Wiki as main source of information is really “insiders only”. And the two major unofficial forums are probably not the best place to inform anyone except the die-hard fans. Personally I feel they even drive new players away and became the personal chat channels of those who are already GW enthusiasts and geeks.

    If the new sealed deck play is really that good, well, time will tell – but I already played enough GW by now, i probably won’t bother. This week is Helloween, I actually liked the fixed builds in the costume brawl mode in the years ago.

    The name-giving Guild vs Guild in Guild Wars was never as popular as it could have been, and the Heroes Ascent tournament was also not very beginner friendly. Alliance Battles might be their most successful casual pvp mode so far.

    TBH, I mostly played Guild Wars as a PvE game. Their missions instead of quests and being able to create nice 8 skill builds from a set was really addictive.

    I hope they create some PvP modes that I will like more for Guild Wars 2. There will be no non-consensual pvp, so much is already known. I hope there will be some Aion-style open zone faction war modes! I prefer it very much over the more organized arena pvp style.

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