8 thoughts on “Whatever happened to the magic?”

  1. Julian, you are a banal grump. :) I am going to pull a you here and write a blog post within your blog post. :D

    I think that it all boils down to the need for new blood. Guilds need it, games need it, and yes, I think we as humans need it to keep that sense of newness, exploration, and what have you that equals… magic. I try and give my kids what little magic I have left because their potential is huge. Every night I create a story with my three year old about the nightly war between the purple goblins (bad) and the pink goblins (good, and protect our house). Hearing the wonder and awe from someone who just emigrated from WoW to our LOTRO kin also lightens the heart.

    So yes, I see myself losing my imagination, my curiousity, etc. (not as much as some, RPGs and video games and other nerd fancies keeps my imagination blood pumping more than many my age), I also recognize that it still exists.

  2. Brutal Legend is a good way to avoid growing up. It instantly reduces me to junior high. “THAT WAS AWESOME!”

  3. When I was young, I thought magic was real. Now that I have grown up, I know it’s not real – but I still see it when I want to and I certainly know how to allow myself to pretend it’s real.

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