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  1. If ya catch the edit at the end of that VG247 article, NCsoft asked them to correct the article: it was not an MMO(G) at all, just a normal “MOG” (multi-player online game), which isn’t exactly NCsoft’s forte.

    Not that I care what NCsoft does; I just pray that eventually Arena.net cuts their ties with them, keeping their IP intact.

    1. Not quite sure how they could manage that Scott, seeing as NCSoft is providing a large amount of funding for the development of Guild Wars 2 – afaik.

      They have been (as far as an outsider can tell) mostly hands-off with the Guild Wars franchise, and seem to have a perfectly functional relationship with ArenaNet. As long as that keeps up, and they keep the money coming, I’m happy for them to be involved.

      1. Yar “wholly owned-subsidiary” is a tricky thing. GE (you know, the maker of lightbulbs), mostly owns NBC, and I seriously doubt that GE (main) manages much of NBC. I’m sure there are better examples out there.

        At the end of the day, ArenaNet enjoys a ton of autonomy, and they hopefully receive plenty of benefits from code-sharing, etc. with other NCSoft games… although from the few whispers I have heard, ArenaNet is very lone wolf.

        1. I wonder if there was no code-sharing involved regarding the UNDERWATER EXPLORATION feature of Aion.

          Guild Wars 2 also featured underwater exploration in the trailer, and Aion featured it prominently in the recently released “Aion Vision” trailer.

          Aion has very huge and open instances in its first zones, Guild Wars 2 is supposed to have something similar to it. Plus they also recently told us they are going more for a server-based worlds model that still allow you to travel between “worlds”/”servers” easily.

          But who knows, this does not prove anything, just my observations.

  2. I have to disagree that Aion has huge and open instances in it’s first zones, I found them small and incredibly linear with very little to explore, GW has relatively small instanced zones but never felt as funneled as Aions early content does, I expect GW2 will have larger zones that will reward exploration if the information we have so far is to be believed (I have faith in Anet so I tend to believe what little info they release on GW2).

    I’m disappointed Jeff Strain is heading for console territory only because I don’t play them, I had hoped he would head off to create something fresh for the PC MMO market, oh well *sigh*

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