Bug Report: Hall of Mirrors

If you are going to encourage everyone to run through a central Epic quest line, it is important for that line not to be left in a horribly bugged state for months. I know there is the big expansion tomorrow, but if Book 8 does not work, why should I care about Book 9?

My first visit to the Hall of Mirrors had a group problem. Hall of Mirrors depends on clearing corruptions, and we had two Hunters and a DPS-traited Loremaster (no crowd control) who either could not or would not remove corruptions. Hunters cannot remove corruptions on enemies with more than half health. The corruption in question gives a massive AE HoT. You can see why we never got through that. Hey, thanks for making corruption-removal essential and then ensuring that my class cannot do it. Hunters get the bonus of being able to remove three corruptions at once when they finally can, at the cost of most of their focus, which I have found useful perhaps twice in all of Moria. Very few enemies stack corruptions. This is not strictly about Hall of Mirrors, just a game design failure that becomes important there.

I visited this weekend, and the second boss-type encounter (Morroval Task-Mistress) failed in three different ways. The first was probably our fault: the fight started before we were all in the room. Apparently the boss can aggro about 5-6 feet from the entrance, and a door closes when that happens. Hey, our fault for walking in a 5-foot radius rather than diameter. Real heroes hold hands at all times. We realized later that you could jump in from above, taking the falling debuff (slowed movement, cannot dodge, parry, or block). This become important, because the door to the room never re-opened, so we had to re-attempt it with everyone unable to dodge, parry, or block against an enemy who gets a +1000% damage buff. Having no way to avoid damage, as she was immune to any crowd control I tried, that attempt did not go well either. Then the entire instance began spawning them. As we went back down to her room, we saw a Mistress walking towards us. Turns out, much easier outside that room with no adds. She died. Then another one walked towards us. And another. And another. Four of them later, we were back to the drop into her room. She was still there, with her add. As bugs go, spawning multiple copies of bosses that wander the instance is a doozy. Eventually, the group gave up on this.

As a further note on bug reports, the little box where you enter the quest name needs some sort of instructions. This was my first time submitting a petition for help, and it repeatedly rejected it because it did not like how I was entering the name of the quest. I eventually found a combination that let it recommend what the database calls it. Not letting players submit customer service requests is certainly one way to cut down on customer service costs. Submitting it as a bug report required me to log into something else, because apparently it does not recognize that I am logged into the game. Which I cannot play as I puzzle through all of this.

Best of luck having the next expansion not be a bug- and exploit-ridden mess for most of the annual development cycle,

: Zubon

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  1. A few things:

    The warg matron(s) only get that heal (a buff, something you can not remove) if you let the ‘eye’ corruption expire (aka NOT removed) on them.

    A loremaster can only remove 3 corruptions at once from a single target (Defy Corruption). The cooldown is 30 seconds.

    In mirkwood, you will see a number of mobs with ‘tiered’ corruptions and you will need to use corruption removals a number of times to be able to completely remove the corruption. In that sense, so called ‘burst’ corruption removal is essential as it removes all three tiers of the corruption in one shot.

    Ergoth is actually the second (and final) boss for the instance. However, for the epic line, you dont need to fight her! :)

    The task-mistresses will actually “threaten to attack” before they actually aggro you. Just move close to them then move back. Repeat. It freezes them in place and they wont attack. It’s very helpful on the mirror puzzle at the bottom. You might also want to note that at the bottom mirror puzzle the mistresses will respawn every 2min after you kill them. The buff that they get to do +1000% damage only happens if you don’t kill her within 45 seconds of aggroing her.

    Finally, Turbine never says this for the 3man instances BUT you need: 1 DPSish class, 1 Tankish class, and 1 Healerish class. You just cant take 3 random people and expect a win.

    All of that being said…I certainly feel your pain it took numerous wipes and a few gold in repairs for me to finally get the hang of that instance. Keep plugging away at it!

    1. TheFrank explained it perfectly.

      Despite the Loremaster being too lazy (why?) to clear corruptions from the two Wargs at the first boss, you can also draw the Wargs away from each other – this way they don’t heal themselves up. He probably stunned one of them.

      The Hard Mode is annoying as you are not allowed to kill all of the add horde that spawns near Ergoth, the final Morroval-Boss. I also did not like the puzzle mode with the many mirrors that much. I was glad that my experienced party leader did it.

      I think you can forget this instance without ANY kind of healing. But you are exaggerating quite a lot here. You don’t do 6 man instances without any kind of healer either, after all.

      I also did not kill Ergoth on my first run, but killing her is not required to complete the book quest, the needed relic can be found in the instance and killing her is not necessary.

      I did not really get what went wrong and made even more stuff spawn, but it somehow sounds like the usual wave of adds that Ergoth spawns. The Morroval Task-Mistresses are not bosses, they are just somewhat tougher elite mobs that must be killed within 45 seconds as mentioned.

      Doing the final chapter of book 8, also only a 3 man instance, without a healer is simply not going to work. I fear this might also be true for 6 man skirmishes, but who would actually expect something else??? I cannot understand you in this regard, Zubon.

    2. I am now up to three people who, after I tell them that my car was rear-ended, have started giving me safe driving tips. In a post about a bugged door and having at least five copies of the same enemy spawn simultaneously, I am being given advice about classes that I know and the enemies that we defeated easily. While I recognize the ability of many to seize on minor details and ignore the central point, at some point I must question whether I can write coherently or whether the reading level of the general public is that bad.

      1. If you had a healer your car could be insta-fixed, and a tank would have taunted away the accident. Next time plan ahead noob!

        Every time I read a post like this though, it reminds me that Turbine cut a lot of it’s QA staff a while back. LotRO use to be such a clean game (it still might be for 99% of it, and maybe KTR just loves to report its bugs, but I doubt it)

        1. Some very large percentage of it will be. That part has been tested for two years and largely left behind in favor of content at the level cap. Much is tainted by the coding disaster that was Book 7. I expect the next week will be filled with what almost-but-not-quite went right with the kinda-sorta expansion pack. Plus how awesome skirmishes are.

        2. That authorities around here don’t even let you have your own tanks, nor drive them! I think they must get kickbacks from the healer lobby who want to heal more.

        3. Turbine did not cut a lot of their QA staff a while back.

          They cut the surplus QA people who had been brought on short-term JUST for pushing out the Moria expansion.

          Clearly, those people sucked at their job anyway.

          Point being: There’s no reason not to expect the pre-moria level of quality we came to know and expect. (now that they have pretty well fixed everything that Moria screwed up, especially the slagging of all their servers.)

      2. Don’t blame the Hall of Mirrors. It is not buggy, there are instances that have more glitches. OK, so you suffered a bug and expected a GM to help you.

        I rather say you sucked hard and still feel entitled to do the whole instance on first try, even if it is not even necessary to finish the book quest.

        People just tried to be polite. This is just a whiny rant, and thanks for the bug you had a decoy for the fact that your party went in without a healer and was clueless on top of that.

        1. “Door permanently closed” translates to “is not buggy,” and wanting that not to happen is a sense of entitlement. Check.

          The old SSI game where they left out the door leading to the final boss? One door, minor bug, stop whining.

          Second note: you have no idea what my group composition was the when I went back. You are entirely making up that we had no healer. You have mentally copied my group that never made it past the wargs to my group that hit multi-bugged Merrevail. No, full stop, separate paragraphs, different issues, different days.

      3. C’mon. No one is denying the task mistress bug. Don’t deny that aside from that, what you have here is a RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE blog. ;-}

        We still love ya!

    3. Now that Mirkwood has launched, I want to note: “In mirkwood, you will see a number of mobs with ‘tiered’ corruptions and you will need to use corruption removals a number of times to be able to completely remove the corruption. In that sense, so called ‘burst’ corruption removal is essential as it removes all three tiers of the corruption in one shot.” This is false. The ‘burst’ corruption removal removes one tier. If it had three tiered corruptions on it, it would remove one from each. So unless you have the enemy below 50% health for more than a minute, a Hunter cannot remove all three tiers (alone).

  2. Yeah. The fact that the task mistress’ corpse spawns corrupters by the mirror is a bug, and looting the corpse, or not fighting her near the mirror in the first place (this fight is what teaches you to keep mistresses away from mirrors, a lesson that is important in the next room) will prevent it. So it is a shitty bug to have around but it’s also one that is rare in practice, despite you unfortunately encountering it 100% of your 1 trip in there. :(

    The other things you complained about are just the dungeon being hard. That can be frustrating too, but it is what it is. Not bugs. I’m still pissed I can’t beat the final boss, but in a rare instance of appreciation for challenge, I’m not actually pissed AT anyone. ;-}

  3. Almost every single class combination possible has cleared Hall of Mirrors, if they play well and trait accordingly (this was a very old thread on the lotro forums when the dungeon first came out).

    You just have to fear one warg or keep them apart, as their healing corruption goes off on the OTHER warg, but only if they’re withing 15m or so.

    You don’t need healing. I’ve stayed in warspeech for the whole encounter when playing my minstrel, doing more DPS than the champ in the group.

    Of course it’s the content that is at fault if you find something difficult, it couldn’t possibly be that your hunters and LM were traited poorly for this instance or they weren’t played perfectly!

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