Guild Wars Costume Contest

ArenaNet generously decided to spread some holiday cheer to our little rat-killing corner of the internet, and they have given us two Costume keys to give away to you!  To enter, it’s simple: spread some holiday cheer yourself by commenting (with a valid email so we can contact you) in this thread with a limerick.  I’ll provide a madlib-like template below and a sample, but you can definitely make your own rhyme to enter.

The contest will end December 22, midnight EST, and then I’ll randomly choose two winners.  Please let me know in your comment which costume you prefer.

The Grenth and Dwayna costumes allow players to dress their characters in style this season. These two costumes fit into new costume slots on your character portrait and can be worn over existing armor.  They work like the festival hats we know and love, and can be made and worn for any character by a Costume Maker NPC once the costumes are unlocked for your account.  Check out the nifty FAQ for more info.

There once was a god [verb] [non-verb word].
Who [string of clever words with one that rhymes with the non-verb word].
In my new threads, I followed;
to go kill some Rot Wallows.
And [another string of clever words with the end rhyming with the non-verb word.

There once was a god giving away white clothes.
Who gave me a new costume and Cheetos.
In my new threads, I followed;
to go kill some Rot Wallows.
And she left me with orange hand prints on my clothes.

Good Luck!

EDIT: Congratulations to Yarrnath and Fraxis!  Please check your inboxes and email me if you have a problem.

16 thoughts on “Guild Wars Costume Contest”

  1. All that Dwayna and Grenth have e’er said
    is contained in these marvelous threads.
    My heart leaps with glee!
    I might get one for free!
    Either that, or I’ll just pout instead.

    (Grenth please.)

  2. I understand its nice of them to give out codes, and I suppose i’m being a grentch by not participating, but, those costumes are awfully expensive. 6.99?

  3. All hail mighty Grenth,
    protector of rotten bones
    and chilling ghouls.
    Those who have a foul stench
    shall catch a snowball with their face
    and be made Wintersday fools.

    (I would like the Grenth costume please)

  4. Upon watching Grenth’s beauty,
    Everyone said it was a ghost.
    He might not be that pretty,
    But he made me write this post.

    “Participate in killtenrats,
    And you might get my costume.
    If you do you’ll get my gratz
    If you don’t, it’ll be your doom!”

    This was what He said
    And made me have the will
    Some think I’m afraid,
    But I do want it, still!

    (Grenth Costume please :) )

  5. A ranger named Zadie had fled
    a Shining Blade faction and sped
    into a thicket,
    where Grenth had her ticket:
    the costume to scare those knights dead.


  6. There once was a Dragon called Glint,
    Whose coat was incredibly Bling’t,*
    And when in the mood,
    For spicy Canthan food,
    She would fly to Shing Jea for a stint.

    * Bling’t = Archaic form of the word Blinged, meaning ‘very shiny’.

  7. I once tried to dress like a goddess
    at home this caused parental madness
    But dad it is fine
    to crossdress when online
    Now I’m struck by Winterday sadness

  8. There once was a god from Nantucket
    Who gave me his clothes and said fuck it
    In my new threads, I followed;
    to go kill some Rot Wallows.
    And a new robe dropped which the god copped then celebrated by saying suck it.

    I’ll be here all week.

  9. There once was a young girl named Gwen
    who collected red flowers when she was but ten
    Followed strangers in exchange for a flute,
    never asking for a share of their loot
    Each new group met her whether women or men.

    Dwayna costume would be nice to win!

  10. There once was a company called Anet
    who needed more money I bet.
    Though they might be overpriced,
    the costumes seem very nice
    if only from Dwayna a Wintersday gift I would get.

  11. There once was a large-chested hero
    Whose assests were certainly above size zero
    She decided to travel,
    Causing her wardrobe to unravel,
    Creating a following of weirdos

    (Dwayna – I like wigs.)

  12. There once was a blog, Kill Ten Rats
    With a contest for clothes and some hats
    But the limericks were bad,
    they made Ravious sad
    though a few deserve some congrats.

  13. There once was a game free to play
    It had a cool event called Wintersday
    But what wasn’t funny
    Was they needed money
    For cool costumes you have to pay

    (I would prefer the Grenth one.)

  14. There once was a wammo that used mending
    Whose life was constantly ending
    Orison of healing
    No damage dealing
    Owned by a necro using plague sending

    (I would prefer the Dwayna one).

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