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I have said before that The Lord of the Rings Onlineâ„¢ needs a currency tab instead of having the barter items take up inventory slots. I am probably at fault for not throwing away the old stuff, but I thought I would inventory what I still have in my vault. I know there are at least a dozen more more barter token types.

  • Bright Emblem of Nimrodel (from Watcher or turtle, for level 59-60 First Age weapons)
  • Medallion of Moria (for 10-radiance gear and other level 60 stuff)
  • Medallion of Lothlorien (for 15-radiance gear and other level 60 stuff)
  • Medallion of Dol Guldur (for 25-radiance gear and other level 65 stuff)
  • skirmish marks
  • skirmish second mark
  • skirmish third mark
  • skirmish veteran third mark
  • skirmish Adlan campaign mark
  • skirmish Eruilan campaign mark
  • skirmish Naillan campaign mark
  • skirmish Cannuilan campaign mark
  • Lothlorien silver branches
  • Lothlorien gold leaves
  • Malledhrim bronze feathers
  • Malledhrim gold star emblems
  • Eglain token
  • marks of triumph
  • Arnorian armour fragments
  • battered Arnorian armours
  • obsidian rock shard
  • scrap of Rift-iron ore
  • vile bronze coins
  • vile silver coins
  • summer festival token
  • fall festival token
  • Yule festival token
  • summerfest race token

These are all bind-on-acquire items, most of them theoretically the size of coins.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Barter Currency Wallet”

  1. Seconded. Keeping various reputation items that can only be handed in in batches of 10 can also take up some inventory/bank space. So it would be nice if at least the coins that cannot be traded anyways would have their tab.

    Plus, Skirmish marks – just make them Skirmish points, like Destiny points for monster players. :(

  2. Completely agreed. There’s no reason for the stuff to take up inventory slots.

    I really like the fact LotRO doesn’t have an “inventory upgrade” money drain like in WoW. Although I prefer EQ2’s system of just giving you tons and tons of inventory space if you want it. But, having a bunch of extra currencies included in the new mini-expansion demonstrate the need for this type of currency organization. If Turbine decides to do this, I totally won’t say they’re ripping off WoW. Promise.

    1. LOTRO doesn’t have a cash sink for your on-your-person inventory, but storage in your bank can be quite limited and quite expensive. I own about half of the possible non-housing vault slots, and the next one up costs more money than I have.

      1. Yeah, but I was only counting a character’s inventory since that’s mostly what limits how much loot you can drag back to sell. Bank inventory slots help you store crafting materials or other stuff, but not quite as integral to letting you drag back a bunch of stuff to sell.

        Vault spaces do get pretty expensive quickly, agreed. If I didn’t have a fairly profitable crafting setup, the 5 gold pieces for the high end slots probably would have scared me more.

  3. Definitely agree. My bags and vault space are filled with the things along with rep items, runes (both pre- and post-SoM; why did they have to do that!)…the list just goes on. And of course, cosmetic clothing. Why introduce that without giving us extra storage space? Giving us keyrings for all those keys was a move in the right direction. Maybe they’ll look at this.

  4. yeah, all this combined with the crazy number of runes (we now have 2 types) make this a HUGE problem. I posted on my blog about this too as I was constantly having to go back to town to clear out my bags. I’ve formed a mule kinship and am saving for a kin house to alleviate this problem – expensive way to do it, but it works…
    Maybe when we get mounted combat ;) they’ll add saddlebags…

  5. Wow, I thought I had a lot of barter items, I feel a little better about myself now after looking at that list. Hopefully now that quest items and mounts are move out of our inventory, all of there marks and medallions will be next. I’d love to see reputation items moved as well, but I doubt it.

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