Baptismal Learning Curve

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Funny story that predates LFD: When I first did Old Kingdom, as a healer, the tank asked if we all knew the fight. I said, “No, what should I know?” He said, “You’ll find out when it happens,” then he charged in.

Reminds me of a TV Trope… like Wanted where its The Only Way They Will Learn.  Hopefully Chocobo also shot the wings off of flies.

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5 thoughts on “Baptismal Learning Curve”

  1. I prefer that to being given a laundry list of spoilers before I do something for the first time.

    It’s true! You learn better by finding things out for yourself, even if it involves a bit of pain.

    1. Of course, since it’s a group effort the entire group has to be okay with this, which may not be the case if you’re running with a PUG (preferably undesirable group) ;)

      1. No way man. I learn better by being told what to do. Speak for yourself.

        If I wasn’t told, I’d still be standing in the AoE. I never noticed it until they started putting it in every single fight in Wrath, and if I’d never been told I’d be wondering why every group I was in wiped. I just don’t see what I’m not looking for.

        Should be pretty easy to give enough hints without spoiling lore though.

  2. There are some fights that you just have to show newbies in that manner. You can’t spoil the twist for them.

    Herald Voljaz in Old Kingdom is one. Also Whitemane and Morgraine in Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral.

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