Guild Wars – Bad, Bad Mr. Mantle

The Guild Wars viral campaign leading up to… something is creating a playful rift in the community.  Playful, so far, I should say.  As soon as the links to the White Mantle and the Shining Blade, two NPC organizations in Guild Wars, people started using hashtags to proclaim allegiance to a certain side.  I bet ArenaNet was absolutely gleeful at the response considering all they did at that point was put up a poster for each adversarial organization.  It was pretty fun, but what is most amazing to me is that people are actually siding with the White Mantle.

Let me put this into perspective.  You go to a Super Bowl or World Cup party.  There are too many available members of the opposite sex to really watch the game (even though you want to) so you flirt, eat, and talk while the game runs in the background.  You leave to go home, without having watched much of the game at all, but you do catch the final score.  Your team gets pummeled.  So what do you do?  You go home to where you recorded the game, sit down with a fresh pint and some nachos, and start cheering for your team like some madman who believes that by yelling at the TV you are actually giving your team energy.  This is what it’s like to be proclaiming allegiance to the White Mantle right now.

What we know is that in Kryta in Guild Wars 2 the White Mantle have lost.  They’ve lost so big that they remain only in secret without any guidance from their Mursaat lords.  But, they’ve lost big already.  In Guild Wars 1, we killed their human leaders, we killed their Mursaat lords (to the point of nearly complete genocide) with the help of the Titans, and the whole secret behind the broken White Mantle is being spread throughout Kryta.

Sure siding with the bad guys can be cool, but not when the bad guys are losers.  White Mantle are losers.  QEDismantle.

know your enemy

7 thoughts on “Guild Wars – Bad, Bad Mr. Mantle”

  1. The White Mantle and the Mursaat were the ones guarding the Titans, making sure they were never let loose again. They were obviously misunderstood good guys, who fell under the persecution of poorly informed players.


  2. Sounds more like rooting for your team /next/ year, rather than in the game that already happened…

    I mean… you haven’t played GW2 yet, right?



    1. No, but the lore they’ve released says that the White Mantle are nothing but a secret organization anymore… so /we/ do know that they’ve lost.

      1. Um but if they “lost” then they wouldn’t be available for rooting for at all. So that would be like your team didn’t lose the superbowl, it was disbanded, and then you rooted for it next year despite it not playing at all or even existing.

        GOOD SIR

  3. as of this post
    shining blade 576 fans on facebook
    white mantle 422 fans on facebook

    a 60/40 split essentially. way better than I would expect for the white mantle

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